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It's a busy, busy world out there. Consumers are faced with advertisements practically everywhere they turn - on billboards and bus stops, on the Internet and on television, even over the phone and on their personal screens.


Cut through the noise with direct mail services from Peninsula Data Service Center. No matter how high tech our world gets, everyone still sorts through their mail daily. We'll get your message and your brand right into the hands of your customers.

Our services for your business

When you work with Peninsula Data Service Center, your direct mail experience includes our exclusive list selection and management services.

Direct mail service

Expertise that makes a difference

Our team works with you and your business goals to come up with the best design for your mailer and the best zip codes to target.

We make it

look easy!

We combine technology and direct mail services, including automation processes to lower your cost per unit. Contact us today for more information!

that gets you results

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