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Scale up and save

If you were to send out a small mailing to a few select customers, using regular office equipment and stationary, you can wind up spending a full dollar or more on a simple one page letter. That's why having the right equipment and professional expertise is so important.


By using high speed printers and purchasing in bulk, you can get your costs down to pennies per mailer! Automating the process saves you money and results in better quality mailers to your valued customers, making a statement about the professionalism of your business.

The benefits of automation

Get fast turn around times for any mailer! Our industrial level printers can produce up to thousands of high quality, fully colored pieces per hour, and our team are the experts in making sure your work is in compliance with postal codes.

What we do:

- Printing

- Tabbing

- Folding

- Sorting

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Customize, personalize, and utilize your direct mailing as you never have before. At Peninsula Data Service Center, we always go the extra mile to meet your needs and take on any printing and mailing project. Call your representative today!

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