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Putting your brands in people's hands

At Peninsula Data Service Center, direct mail is a science! Every element is taken into the consideration so that you get the most visual impact for your price per unit. We are a one stop shop for your entire campaign.


Our team works with you to establish the message you want to convey about your business, your budget, and your goals that you want to achieve. We're even able to advise you what kind of special or discount you can offer and still see a good return on your investment.

We're here from start to finish:

- Creative design to give you the desired look, size, and weight.

- High quality digital printing done in shop

- List selection and demographic targeting

- Fulfillment services and even some storage

Your results:

- Generate leads

- Sell direct

- Increase sales

- Reach new customers

A great choice for any business

Reach your customer right in their home! Peninsula Data Service Center is committed to making sure you are fully satisfied with your results. We offer a range of packages at different price points, and no matter what your budget you'll always get our personal attention and great service.

The direct mail experts

for any business

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