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Make sure you're up to code

The United States Postal Code is constantly changing. Rates shift, new rules and exceptions apply, and post offices open, shut, and change their hours.


Make sure your business is getting the most for every penny you spend in mailing. Just like you rely on the expertise of a company accountant or a company lawyer, make Peninsula Data Service Center your company's mail expert.

Stay in compliance

Sending out information through the mail is utilizing a federal resource to advertise your business. That means that certain laws apply and mailers must be up to legal and ethical standards. We make sure that you aren't caught by surprise.

What we do:

- Get the most for your dollar

- Find the cheapest size and weight to send

- Avoid costly surcharges

A mailing partner that's here for you

When you are sending out thousands of mailers, a few cents difference on each one can add up to a lot of savings! It's all part of our commitment to bringing you complete customer service that anticipates your needs and actively finds ways to save you money.

Postal service experts

to get your material out there

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