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Making sure your mailers go out to the perfect people

When it comes to direct mail services, bigger is not better. When you send out your mailers you don't want to hit the widest audience possible - you want to target exactly the right customers who have the greatest chance of responding to your ad.


Peninsula Data Service Center will help you target your message. Our mailings include special giveaways, cross-selling, private sales, announcement mailings, and 'open to buy' offers to your credit account holders.

Our two types of lists

A compiled list gathers data from publicly available sources such as phone directories or census lists.

A response list gathers data from your records, such as catalog lists, credit account holders, mail order clients, and more.

Who to target:

Someone who lives in the area:

- who buys similar products

- who's bought from you before

- who's made a recent purchase

Choosing your mailing list

We offer a range of prices for our lists,  depending on the specific requirements.  Better data and more info means better results for your business. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Reaching out

to your ideal customer

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